Kissing Spine: Rehabilitation & Prevention Strategies Guide

A comprehensive, practical guide to 'kissing spine' and the rehabilitation techniques that will transform your horses posture through core strength.

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Has your horse been diagnosed with 'Kissing Spine'? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you looking for help to understand what is happening in your horses body, and why this has happened?

Do you need help with learning about all of the ways that you can help your horse throughout the rehabilitation proess and beyond?

Would you like to learn and be supported by a professional with extensive experience of working alongside vets and rehabilitating horses with 'Kissing Spine'?


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Hi I'm Jenny Adamson, Equine Physiotherapist & horse owner

Let me help you with this devastating diagnosis, to get your horse on the road to recovery.

I have been working with horses with 'Kissing Spine' for a number of years - I have written this 58 page Ebook to help you and your horses, giving you detailed understanding of what is happening in your horses body with this devastating and painful condition, and all of the ways that you can progress with rehabilitation, post veterinary treatment or surgery.

All of the techniques can also be used in long term management of horses with 'Kissing Spine', as well as for PREVENTION of this condition happening to your horse.

What you will learn

Understand what is happening in your horses body and why he has been in pain or discomfort

Learn about 'Kissing Spine' and how it can develop, so that you can fully understand how to rehabilitate your horse in the short and long term from this condition

Learn about anatomy, posture, and core strength

The most valuable exercises that you can do with your horse explained

HOW to activate and strengthen your horses core: exercises included

Learn simple in hand, groundwork and ridden exercises for core engagement

My recommendations on the training aids that I use that are most effective

Learn what your GOALS are for rehabilitation of 'Kissing Spine' so that you know what you are aiming for with your horse, both in the short term and the long term

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Download and start reading straight away

Sign up today and the guide will be emailed to you immediately, you can start your learning journey straight away and start to fully understand this condition, and the ways that you can help your horse...

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Ebook bundle

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