How to Rehabilitate your horse: Ebook

A comprehensive practical guide to rehabilitating your horse and re-establishing performance.

Written by Jenny Adamson, RAMP registered Equine Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist.

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Let me help you during this difficult time

I'm Jenny Adamson, I'm an Equine Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Specialist. I have written this 35 page eBook based on my experience of working professionally with horses over the last 10 years, and largely focussing on my experience with rehabilitating horses residentially, post surgery and injury.

For any horse owner going through injury rehabilitation with your horses…let me take the stress and guesswork out of how to manage your horse during this difficult and stressful time. I have covered everything you need to be planning and thinking about if you are rehabilitating your horse at home or on a livery yard.

What You Will Learn

The rehabilitation process

Your rehabilitation plan from your vet






Machines/therapy equipment

Training systems

Digestive issues


Box rest


Medium to long term rehabilitation

Ongoing support

Download and start reading straight away

Sign up today and the guide will be emailed to you immediately, you can start your learning journey straight away and start implementing some of the suggestions in this guide to help you get through this difficult time with your horse.

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